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Confidence is the X-factor that not only improves your driving capability but it is also an important factor when you are being assessed for your driving skills, especially when you have to drive on the road all by yourself. But given how learning to drive can be an unnerving experience you need the right instructor to guide with the right amount of patience so that you can master your skills.

At Singh & Kaur Driving School,we want our students to feel relaxed and be completely stress free when they are going about their driving lessons. In order to make that possible we have not just added the option of allowing you to choose your instructor but you can go a step ahead and choose a male or a female instructor.

We understand that there are many students out there who will feel more comfortable being taught by a female driving instructor. Over the last 10 years we have worked with many women who found it difficult to communicate their needs and difficulties. In order to cut this communication gap and to create a more inclusive environment Singh & Kaur Driving School introduced female driving instructors into its staff. We have the best female instructor in Melbourne who have helped many women, both young and old, to successfully get their licences.

Female Driving Instructor

Our Driving Courses Designed to Meet Female Learner Drivers Personal Needs

  • Singh & Kaur Driving School’s female driving instructors provide door to door service – at a time and day that suits you. Our female driving instructors will come to you on the weekend, during the lunch hour, when you have a day off. They can take you for weekly lessons or an intensive driving course on a manual or in an automatic car.
  • With an extensive knowledge of all local test routes and personal one to one tuition, our female driving instructors can help even the most nervous lady gain the confidence they need to pass their driving test.
  • Having trouble with the Theory Test? We will help you pass it.
  • Nervous about learning to drive and taking your driving test? We’ll help you overcome your nerves.

Enhance Your Driving Capabilities with our Bilingual Female Driving Instructors

Communication is a necessary tool while learning how to drive. If the student does not understand what instructor is telling them then their whole exercise will go to waste. At Singh & Kaur Driving School, our female instructors are bilingual. They are proficient to conversing in English, Hindi and other languages.

Many of our students who have come to Australia from India have found our female instructors to be more approachable due to the minimal language barrier. We have trained many professionals, students and even house wives who have gone on to successfully complete their driving tests in Melbourne.

Even when you go through our testimonials you will find that our female instructors are beyond capable in training our clients to get their driving licence. Some of our clients have also given us feedback which leads us to believe that they are more at ease when they are being taught by our female instructors. Many of our clients have shared their experiences and have told us about how safe they and their family feel about having a female instructor help out their loved ones during their training.

Personal Safety Tips for Ladies by our Female Driving Instructors:

  • Always keep your car doors locked when you are driving along.
  • If someone in another car tries to attract your attention, ignore them, and avoid making eye contact
  • Do not pick up hitchhikers
  • If you think you are being followed drive to a police station or somewhere busy such as a service station and phone for help from there.
  • If a car pulls in front of you and forces you to stop, keep your engine running. If the driver leaves their car to approach you, try to reverse as far as possible and drive away.
  • If you break down, phone for help. You should then stay in your car unless you’re on the hard shoulder of the motorway in which case you should wait on the verge.
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