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Many people are nervous when they begin learning how to handle a car on the road. We’ve got your back. Take driving lessons in Hoppers Crossing with the best driving instructors. Singh & Kaur Driving School is the leading driving lessons provider in the city that helps you become a skilled driver and drive confidently on the roads. Our structured driving lessons are designed to make you learn the life-long skill of driving and not just clear the VIC roads driving test.

Vic Roads Drive Test

Benefits of Choosing our Female Driving Instructor

At Singh & Kaur Driving School, we have male as well as female instructors. However, some students feel more comfortable and can communicate better with a female instructor. If you are looking for a female driving instructor, do not hesitate to ask for the same when you call us or visit our office. Here are some of the benefits of choosing Singh & Kaur Driving School:

Flexible timings: Do you have time only on weekends? Not to worry, our instructor is available at flexible hours to ease the pressure.

Safe driving: It is essential for beginners to learn to navigate roads in a safe, efficient manner. Our instructors will help you understand traffic rules, speed limits and driving methods to keep you and others safe on the road.

Friendly assistance: Our team of driving instructors are friendly and patient as we understand it is challenging to learn a new skill or relearn an old one. No matter what your queries are, we will be there to help you clear the confusion.

Communicative: Many people find female driving instructors more communicative and easier to talk to. This is an essential requirement for female students, who feel more comfortable and can share their difficulties in driving with a lady instructor.

Check Out Different Driving Test & Lesson Packages

At Singh & Kaur Driving School, we have different driving tests & driving lesson packages that you can select as per your requirement and budget. These lesson packages and driving tests are designed to meet your different needs. While they prepare a new learner how to drive confidently on lanes and highways, they also provide refreshers with training for those who wish to drive again after a long break. Here are the different driving lessons that we offer:

45 mins Lessons
  • $50 for 45mins Lesson

  • $235 5 x 45mins Lessons (Appropriate for P Plate Drivers)
  • $450 10 x 45mins Lessons (Appropriate for Young and New Drivers)
1 Hour Lessons
  • $60 1hr Lessons
  • $285 5 x 1hr Lessons (Appropriate for P Plate Drivers)
  • $550 10 x 1hr Lessons (Appropriate for Young and New Drivers)

We also offer Pre-Test practice lessons and learners driving tests to sharpen your skills ahead of the main test.

You can book driving lessons online, call us, or visit our office.

Why Choose Our Instructors For Vic Roads Drive Test?

A significant milestone in the driving journey is obtaining the licence to drive. Our driving lessons are designed to make you a confident driver and clear the Vic roads to drive test. This is a mandatory requirement to meet before you can start driving independently. Our skilled instructors give you intensive driving lessons that cover all aspects of driving, vehicle maintenance and stress management.

With our experienced teachers, you learn the basics of driving. This includes managing turns, crossings & switching, driving on alleys, crowded roads and high-speed highways and maintaining a legally viable vehicle. Before you book a driving test in Vic, you need to ensure that you are fully prepared and can clear the test with a good score. Over the years, we have helped numerous students clear their Vic roads drive test. With proven techniques and skill imparting training, we provide our students with:

  • Crash course in Victorian road transport rules & laws

  • Walkthrough of Vic roads drive test

  • Tips & advice on written test

  • Pre-test vehicle check & preparation

  • Behaviour & stress management

  • Real-life traffic manoeuvring skills

  • Handling traffic situations

  • Road signs and signals training

  • Live traffic negotiation skills

  • Speed management

For best manual driving lessons and clearing Vic roads driving test, enrol with Singh & Kaur Driving School. Being one of Hoppers Crossing’s best driving instructors, we offer practical driving tests. Call us on 0422 744 437, email us at or visit our office to meet your driving instructor today.

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45 mins Lessons


$ 50 45mins Lessons

$ 235 5 x 45mins Lessons

$ 450 10 x 45mins Lessons

1 HOUR Lessons


$ 60 1hr Lessons

$ 285 5 x 1hr Lessons

$ 550 10 x 1hr Lessons

Drive Test & Lesson Package


Location45mins Lesson60mins Lessons

Terms & Conditions

  • Cancellation fees apply if you cancel the lesson within 24 hours of the scheduled time.
  • Drive test price includes 1-hour driving lesson in your chosen location.
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