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Driving gives you the independence to go where you please, whether it be to your workplace, shopping mall, cinema, drive kids to school or at a friends’ gathering. Learn to drive with the best driving instructors in Truganina. Singh & Kaur Driving School is the leading driving school in the city with experienced instructors that help you learn how to handle a car with confidence. We also help you prepare and clear the Vic roads driving test for obtaining a driving license.

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Steps to Prepare for Successful Vic Road Driving Test in Truganina

To drive a car, you require a driver license, for which you need to pass the VIC road drive test. The learners driving test is a two-part process:

  • Pre-drive check

  • On-road driving

Pre-drive check:

The driving test officer checks your preparedness to take the assessment by asking you to operate your car’s indicators, windscreen washer and wipers, horn, headlights, hazard & brake lights and identify the handbrake. If you fail in any of these, you are not allowed to take the test.

On-Road driving test – Stage one

This stage will assess you as a driver in less challenging conditions. The testing officer gives you simple instructions, such as taking turns, starting and stopping the vehicle, changing lanes and parking your car. Stage one takes about 10 minutes to complete.

On-Road Driving Lesson – Stage Two

You progress to stage two only if you pass stage one. Stage two is conducted in heavier traffic and is designed to assess your ability to safely execute normal driving tasks like changing lanes, driving in curved roads & merging with traffic. It takes about 20 minutes to complete this stage.

Drive Test Results

After completing the driving test, the driving instructor informs you if you have passed or failed the assessment. We know the stress and pressure students go through and how nervous they become when they try to obtain a licence. That is why we have designed our driving lessons and practical driving tests in a way to help you clear the test easily. Our experts share tips and tricks to clear the Vic roads driving test and obtain the licence. We conduct mock tests for our students to lessen nervousness and increase confidence.

How Our Female Driving Instructor can make a Difference?

As a value addition to our services, at Singh & Kaur Driving School, we also provide students with a female driving instructor. Many students feel more confident and can easily communicate with a female driving instructor. If you are a homemaker, female professional or a student who feels more comfortable with a lady instructor, do not hesitate the request the same when you enrol for our driving lessons. Our female instructors are also available for driving lessons during weekends or lunch hours. You can book or request a female driving instructor online, via phone or by visiting our office.

Why Choose Our Driving Lessons & Packages?

Here are some reasons to choose Singh & Kaur Driving School for driving lessons in Truganina:

  • Trained instructors

  • Well designed lessons

  • Time-bound learning

  • Hands-on approach

  • More focus on-road driving training

  • Tips & tricks for Vic roads drive test

Here are the different driving lesson packages that you can select:

45 mins Lessons
  • $50 for ONE 45mins Lesson

  • $235 for FIVE 45mins Lessons (Appropriate for P Plate Drivers)

  • $450 for TEN 45mins Lessons (Appropriate for Young and New Drivers)

1 Hour Lessons
  • $60 for ONE 1 hour Lesson

  • $285 for FIVE 1 hour Lessons (Appropriate for P Plate Drivers)

  • $550 for TEN 1 hour Lessons (Appropriate for Young and New Drivers)

We also offer pre-test practice lessons and learners driving tests to sharpen your skills ahead of the main test.

Drive Test & Lesson Package – $185 for ONE lesson

Singh & Kaur Driving School offers affordable driving lessons in Truganina. If you have any queries or wish to speak with your driving instructor before enrolling, call us on 0422 744 437 or visit our office today. You can also email our team at

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45 mins Lessons


$ 50 45mins Lessons

$ 235 5 x 45mins Lessons

$ 450 10 x 45mins Lessons

1 HOUR Lessons


$ 60 1hr Lessons

$ 285 5 x 1hr Lessons

$ 550 10 x 1hr Lessons

Drive Test & Lesson Package


Location45mins Lesson60mins Lessons

Terms & Conditions

  • Cancellation fees apply if you cancel the lesson within 24 hours of the scheduled time.
  • Drive test price includes 1-hour driving lesson in your chosen location.
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