Prepping for Successful VicRoad Driving Test in Truganina

The VicRoad drive test is done to check if you’re ready to drive safely on your own in normal traffic.
The VicRoad Drive Test has two parts to it:

  • Pre-drive check
  • On-road driving.
Pre-drive check

Before you begin the on-road test the Driving Test officer will ask you to operate your car’s indicators, windscreen washer and wipers, horn, headlights, hazard& break lights and identify the handbrake.
If you are unable to operating these parts properly then you will not be permitted to take the test.

On-Road Driving Lesson – Stage one

This stage is designed to assess your safety as a driver in less challenging conditions. The testing officer will give you simple instructions to make turns, starting and stopping the vehicle, changing lanes and to parking your car. Stage one will take about 10 minutes to complete.

On-Road Driving Lesson – Stage Two

You will progress to Stage Two only if you pass Stage One. Stage Two is conducted in busier traffic and is designed to assess your ability to safely execute normal driving tasks like changing lanes, driving in curved roads & merging with traffic. It takes about 20 minutes to complete this stage.

Drive Test Results

After you have completed the drive test, the Driving Instructor will inform you whether you are successful or unsuccessful.

Causes of an unsuccessful result could include:

  • Creating a dangerously unsafe situation that could put people at risk
  • Making serious errors during the test that put people at risk
    There are two types of serious errors
    – One could lead to immediate termination of your test
    – One could lead to a penalty that jeopardises the success of your test
  • Showing patterns of unsafe or risky behavior.


  • Your car should have a normal manual transmission if you want a manual driver licence issued.
  • If during stage one you do anything unsafe or illegal, the driving test will be called off and you will be disqualified.
  • You can use your vehicle at a drive test provided you meet these requirements:
    – The car is registered and is in a condition to be driven properly
    – Besides that, you have to ensure that all main driving and safety components of your car like speedometer, side view mirrors, a proper windscreen &doors, head& tail lights, seatbelts for every seat, hand break and ‘L’ plates are in place
  • If your vehicle is not suitable then you will have to use your Driving instructor’s vehicle.

At Singh & Kaur Driving School our driving instructors ensure that you are well and truly prepared to take on this test. Our Driving lessons focus on everything that this test encompasses. We guarantee to provide you with all and every assistance. If you want you can also opt for a Female Driving Instructor who will guide you through all the dos and don’ts for this test.

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