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Driving is an essential life skill you cannot do without in today’s busy hustle. With the best driving instructors, there is little for beginners need to worry about. Singh & Kaur Driving School is a driving school in Werribee that helps you learn to drive safely. Driving helps you become independent, allowing you to travel anywhere you want without relying on public transport or other people.

Vic Roads Drive Test

While driving on the road, you need to learn the skill of driving calmly in heavy traffic. It is essential to know the traffic rules and regulations as well as the basics of handling a car before you venture out to drive. At Singh & Kaur Driving School, we have some of the best driving instructors in the city who help you learn this skill with well crafted driving lessons for obtaining a driving licence.

Vic Road Driving Test Preparation in Werribee

You need to clear the VIC roads driving test to be able to drive a car in the city. The driving test in Victoria focuses on assessing your knowledge about the essential parts of the vehicle such as brakes, wiper, headlights and how to operate them. The second part of the test focuses on your skills in driving the car safely, parking it, negotiating tricky turns and handling the stress of driving in traffic.

Our VIC roads driving test preparation in Werribee includes practical advice, tips and guidance. This includes practical lessons on how to manage turns, crossings & switching, maintain a legally viable vehicle, and understand road signs & signals.

We also conduct mock tests to prepare you for the driving assessment, thus increasing your confidence and reducing nervousness. Here is an overview of our test preparation:

  • Real-life traffic manoeuvring skills

  • Understanding Victorian road transport rules & laws

  • Valuable tips on how to pass the written test

  • Walkthrough of different stages of the Vic Roads Drive Test

  • Pre-test vehicle check and preparation

  • Behaviour & stress management

  • Decision making tips while handling traffic situations

  • Live traffic negotiation skills

  • Managing speeds at different zones, highways and roads

Find the Trained Driving Instructors in Werribee

Driving is a skill you cannot learn online but must take driving lessons with a trained instructor. Our driving instructors are the best in the industry with several years of experience. Over the years, we have trained innumerable drivers to learn how to handle automobiles and helped them pass the VIC roads driving test.

Many female students feel more comfortable with a female driving instructor. We recognise that comfort, trust and the ability to communicate to clarify their doubts freely is vital for any student. If you want a female instructor, do not hesitate to request the same when you enrol for our driving lessons, visit us at our office, book them online, or call us.

Why Choose Singh & Kaur Driving School?

We are amongst the leading driving schools in Werribee. Our focus is to help you learn with various manual driving lessons and guidelines on multiple aspects of driving, such as:

  • Driving safety

  • Appropriate Speed Management

  • Hazard awareness

  • The way one maintains a safe distance (practical methods to avoid tailgaters)

  • Driving with a safe gap between cars

  • Avoiding risks

  • Regaining vehicle control to prevent accidents

  • Driving strategies and dealing with traffic

  • A variety of driving lesson packages

We also offer students the flexibility of choosing a time slot for their driving lessons based on their availability. Our lessons can be booked on all days, including weekends and lunch hours. Singh & Kaur Driving School has become one of the top driving school in the city for the following reasons:

  • Experienced instructors

  • Stress-free learning

  • Structured skill development

  • Focus on practice

  • Doubt clearing sessions

  • VIC test clearing tips and tricks

  • Availability of female driving instructors

To meet your driving instructor at Singh & Kaur Driving School or enrol for affordable driving lessons in Werribee, call us on 0422 744 437 or visit our office. You can also drop us an email at

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